We believe jewelry is as much of an investment as it is an accessory. Fine jewelry should be a future heirloom, something that can be enjoyed today but also treasured for many years to come by future generations. We’re committed to helping women understand how to invest in quality gold jewelry they’ll love, something meaningful to celebrate the important moments and people in their lives. Jewelry’s not just for dress up; it’s for life.


Gold has always played an important role in designer Amira Morsy’s personal story. Growing up, Amira experienced the common Egyptian traditions of collecting and exchanging gold gifts. Family and friends traveling to and from Egypt and around the world would acquire original gold jewelry pieces to add to their collection and gift their loved ones. 

Before the age of 10, Amira and two of her closest cousins were each given a pair of gold bangles by her maternal grandmother who shared the instrumental value of gold and the fundamental role it traditionally played in a woman’s life. Amira recognized the significance of gold instantly as a lesson of independence and an essential part of a life well lived. 

Even the sound of gold filled Amira’s ears. Amira’s mother Sohare always wore eight gold bangles gifted by her husband on their wedding day. Traditionally, gold is gifted to a bride as part of her dowry. As you can imagine, eight gold bangles worn together create quite a jingle. The sound she so closely associated with her mom echoed in her mind every time her hand met the jewelers bench. Gold jewelry continues to represent all these cherished and irreplaceable memories in her heart.


When she’s designing new jewelry pieces, Amira has her customers in mind. Initially, she will start with a sketch or carve into wax while trusting the process. She’s drawn to organic designs that capture life’s perfect imperfections, but she’s also inspired by gold coins, one of the most prominent and easy-to-wear jewelry pieces. When the wax model is complete, she sends it to a caster who uses the lost-wax to cast the piece in gold. After it’s polished, engraved, and set with stones, the jewelry completes a quality check before getting sent to its new owner.

Ever since her first casting, Amira’s been upcycling gold jewelry and continues to recycle gold in all her pieces. She’s also put forth great effort into building relationships with jewelry manufacturers, so she’s able to source metals and gemstones that have been acquired through responsible practices.